FAQ Friday: Disposable Cameras at the Wedding Reception

Q: In addition to hiring you (of course!), do you think it's recommendable to place a disposable camera at every table for my guests during the reception?A: In short: No, it's not recommendable. Thanks to the prevalence of personal digital cameras and camera-phones, when your guests see Auntie Gertrude gettin' down with her funky self on the dancefloor, the first thing they'll be reaching for is their OWN CAMERA, not the disposable one on the table!digital cameras at weddingsEven if the disposable cameras themselves are inexpensive, it's a waste of money to get all those rolls of film developed only to find the vast majority of them are blank. Disposable cameras are a trend hailing from a time when film was king and very few people possessed a camera of their own, but today they're pretty obsolete. I find that the people who use and enjoy them the most often are the absolute drunkest guests whose pictures get increasingly offensive as the night progresses, or Grandma herself because--you guessed it--she doesn't own or know how to use a digital camera herself.An alternative idea, if you want to see your wedding through your guests' lenses, is to create a group on Flickr and invite your friends to upload all the photos to it that they've snapped on their digital cameras or phones. Flickr has some instructions for this very concept that you can check out here.

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