Luminaire Images Selected for TwoBrightLights Editors' Choice Awards 2012

We're immensely honored to be among the winners of photo marketing site TwoBrightLights' 2012 Editors Choice Awards! This award signifies that our number of published features in 2011 placed us among the top 5% of all Two Bright Lights members. High fives all around!According to TwoBrightLights representatives, "The 2012 Two Bright Lights Editors' Choice Awards is a signature program that recognizes those whose number of published features in 2011 placed them among the top 5% of all Two Bright Lights members. Winners were published across many of the most respected lifestyle, wedding and other print and digital publications in the United States and worldwide.The 2012 honorees reflect those that have demonstrated a superior quality of work for their customers, and those that have used Two Bright Lights' online platform to quickly and easily get published by submitting their authentic, stunning imagery and services directly to the top industry publications and editors.Among thousands of photographers and vendors competing for publication, the Editors' Choice winners represent the best-of-the-best."Editors Choice Award - HeaderHere's to 2012 being an ever more stellar year!