[11] Humane Society images

More furry-faced goodness from the OC Humane Society! The OCHS will also be at the America's Family Pet Expo this weekend at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Stop by and see some of these sweetie pies yourself!


ochs-92-copyChance giving me the Bambi eyesochs-24Oscar models his wee doggie shirtochs-66-copyPoker only has one expression...SMILES!ochs-112-copyGoldie is an affectionate mama-dog with a litter of little ones who are all sure to find great homes...and you can see on her face that she hopes to do the same.ochs-78BABY PUPPEHS AHHHHHHH!!!ochs-73-copyOne of Goldie's pups, who probably has no need for adoption photos given that it's so flipping cute that it'll be snatched up immediately!ochs-125-copyPUPPEH LUURRRVVEEochs-138But wait! What about the kittehs! Sad kittyfaces :(ochs-156-copySweet Emma likes being petted, but she doesn't get a lot of that in the shelter.ochs-168-copySmithurs decided he wanted a kingly portrait.

Also, if you love pets and would like to get to know the ones at your own local shelter, why not contact them and volunteer? All of these photographs were taken by me for free to help these little guys get adopted sooner, so obviously you can donate more than money to the cause (though money is definitely helpful, too!).  See you at the Expo this weekend!