FAQ Friday: Why Wedding Photography Is Important

Q: "What is the most significant thing about wedding photography, anyway?"A: I could probably let About.com answer this one. The site lists the NUMBER ONE thing to "splurge on" for a wedding as wedding photography!Sad as it is to acknowledge, most of the wedding details that you worked so hard on will be mere memories the next day. The food will be eaten, the dress put away, the monogrammed napkins crumpled. But the photographs will be there to remind you of the memories and document your wedding day. So make sure that they're top notch by splurging to get the best photographer that you can.Take the time to shop around and find a photographer who you feel comfortable with, and who fits in your budget. Consider packages, which often give you a better bang for your buck. Make sure that you get a set of pictures printed by the photographer – the finishing work (editing, cropping, printing) should be far better than what you could do yourself.